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Wooo. I'm over Jesse's house! Well I've been over her house for the past two days and nights!. *dances*

Well mostly I'm here to study my Science and write notes which i was doing twice last night and will today also since I'm so damn cool. For some odd reason i can't do it at my house but i can do it at Jesse's...maybe its the enviroment..:/

Well I'm sitting here listening to extreme hardcore stuff and everything else. But I'm listening to it on her computer with headphones since shes not a big fan of this music. I guess I am because of how I grew up. My brothers, sister, used to listen to all of this music. Punk, Rock, Hardcore, Emo and now I'm into it because of them. Tj listens to all this hardcore stuff and you would never think he is the kind of person who listens to that. But yeah whatever. I'm going to start playing Sims 2 soon when I'm done listening to music. I need to get myself into some good music. I'm going to wait forever for someone to introduce me to some. Anyway I'm Gone.
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