.::Kelly::. (hungerforce_x16) wrote,

Well today is really HOT.

I hate it.

Now I am missing winter...this is crazy.
I wish I could swim in our pool >.>

Last week and this week has been going...ok i guess.
Some days are awesome some days are..BLEH


Friday I went to St Ann Talent Show and it was cool. Britt and Aleesa's all the jazz dance was really good..but not really PG >.> And Kait's little "I like that" dance with the 7th graders was pretty funny.
I saw Jessica (not jess r or jess santos the freshmen one in high school) there with her boyfriend. They looked sooo cute hahaha.

Saturday...i walked downtown alone. YAY! And i rented a movie i wanted to get Heathers but since im so stupid thinking you cannot rent a movie if its rated R at my age that i got Ella Enchanted instead..it was a good movie but its not one i would watch again. Becky got me Cteve's copy of Heathers and Im so happy i cant wait to watch it!

Well anyway I'm going to go. Ill probably update in another week. Hahhaha.
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