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Today was fun but also annoying.

I sometimes hate my friends. (is that bad?) It's just sometimes they get on my nerves, they always want me to be someone I'm not. I'm not a person who keeps quiet and sits in the back of the room and does not like to be there up front be laughed at and me laughing with everyone. I'm not the person who is so devoted to god that I will become a nun or a full out Catholic that you FORCE her kids to be that religion even though they believe in something else, like i do.

All the 8th graders got to dress down because we were suppose to take a picture outside in front of the playground but it was raining. So we had a dress day for no reason! (i go to a Catholic school so i have to wear a uniform. A dress down day is my only freedom to dress as myself)

Brooke and I danced around in the Girl's bathroom during science since we had nothing else to do and we got our test down early so we stayed in there for about 20 minutes looking out the window and trying to get "tampons" out of the tampon despenser that is about 20 years old or older.

Brooke and I went back in the bathroom during recess since we were inside because of the rain. And put two dimes in the depenser and nothing happened it ate our dimes. So then she held the top of it open and i reached my hand in and grabbed one and threw it to the ground because it was a really big dusty pad package. And it was dried out and it looked used. Hahaha. And I put it in a opening in the ceiling so its seen. Its our tribute to St Anns. It was so much fun doing that.

Brooke called me "Extra Comfy" because of my Extra large hoodie (which i love). And I called her Pink lady because she was dressed in pink.

(off topic)

I hate being the nice girl. Why do i have to be the nice girl? Because I suck.
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